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Think only the elite can afford custom-crafted jewelry? Think again! At Diamonds Above, we specialize in custom jewelry creations. From custom wedding rings and engagement rings, to custom necklaces and more, we’re ready to talk about your jewelry dreams and make them a reality. Visit our Austin, TX, custom jewelers location for personalized attention and a price that’s affordable, competitive and unexpectedly budget-friendly. We look forward to making you one of our clients for life.

We use computer-assisted drawing (CAD) software during the custom jewelry making process to streamline the experience and make it much easier to decide which element goes where. You can review the CAD images of your engagement or wedding ring, or other custom-crafted jewelry piece, before it is ever sent to our jewelry experts! Visualization of this type allows you to have a conversation with our team about what you most like and want out of your customized piece. Make all the changes you need in a virtual environment! It’s the simplest way for you to become a designer without fear of mistakes or missteps.

  What makes us one of the best custom jewelers in Austin, TX? It’s our focus on providing extreme levels of individual caring and service. We think of clients as family members, and we allow them to take their time. We aren’t interested in rushing the development of a customized piece of jewelry such as a wedding ring or engagement ring. The objective is for you to custom-craft a piece you or your loved one with treasure for life, not to make a quick sale. So take your time — we’ll be patient! Does this type of extreme personalization and customer service cost more? Not at all! We’ve built exceptionalism into our mission, vision and company model. It’s simply part of who we are, and we want to reflect our commitment in everything we do. Making a dollar is easy. Making lifelong relationships with clients who give us tremendous word-of-mouth marketing is not.

If you can dream of a particular engagement ring or wedding ring setting, we can probably turn it into something you or your loved one is proud to wear every day. As part of our customization process, we’ll talk about settings and artistic balance, so you’ll feel proud of the final product. From diamonds and other precious gemstones, to semi-precious stones and a bevy of beautiful metals, we have the materials and skills to be your one-stop local jewelry haven. From the first step to the last, we make the journey to custom jewelry designing streamlined, not to mention utterly affordable. Stop by our Austin, TX, shop, whether you live in town or a nearby community. We’re always happy to meet new friends and show you how you can enhance anyone’s birthday, wedding, engagement, holiday, special occasion or “just because” day with a piece of Diamonds Above fine jewelry that’s unique and exceptional.

Call us at (512) 206-4156 or click the button below to ask us a question about watches, watch repair, engagement rings, fine jewelry, or information about our jewelry store via our online contact form.

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