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First Time Diamond Buying Guide

You step confidently into the jewelry store, brimming with excitement over the next big step you’re about to take in your relationship. You’re ready to propose, but need a ring before you get down on one knee. You’ve finally met the girl you want to spend a lifetime with and want to surprise her with a diamond that shines just as bright as she does.

You look into the shiny glass showcase just as the sales associate greets you. “What kind of diamond are you shopping for today, sir?” You glance back into the endless array of sizes, cuts and designs and realize you’re not quite sure. In fact, maybe you have no clue at all as to the type of diamond you really want. Don’t let your zeal and initial excitement simmer! With a few quick pointers, you’ll be able to purchase your diamond with both assurance and satisfaction.

Shop With Confidence

Buying a diamond for the first time is a big decision, and purchasing one is a significant investment. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you want your gem to last a lifetime. You wouldn’t just choose your partner at random, so why purchase your diamond with one eye closed? In a sense, you want your diamond to mirror the qualities which your relationship or marriage is built upon: strength, endurance, and an everlasting bond.

What to Look for in a Diamond

You know you want a diamond, but may have no clue what exactly to look for in your jewel when making the final purchase. As with any other large investment, there are specific qualities and fine points you’ll want to look for to assure optimal quality and worth. Here are a few diamond quality factors to consider before finalizing your purchase:

  • Color: Diamonds don’t just come in a variety of sizes but colors, too! The clearer the diamond, the higher the purity and value.
  • Cut: Not to be confused with shape, a diamond’s cut has a great impact on the overall aesthetic of the jewel. The cut of a diamond is how it’s carved and displayed, affecting the appearance of both size and color. A diamond with an excellent cut will provide a brilliant display to the viewer.
  • Size: Also referred to as the carat, how big the diamond is and its resulting weight will determine how pricey your end expense will be. A higher carat means a higher percentage of diamonds. Before deciding on a diamond, you’ll want to add up your expenses and find the size that best suits you.
  • Clarity: As with color, a clearer diamond indicates more value. Diamonds sometimes have internal flaws that may or may not be visible to the human eye. Inspect your diamond carefully to investigate whether any defects are visible.

Buy a Diamond, Not a Dud

Avoid scams and stay informed on trends, style, and fashion to ensure your diamond is an everlasting piece. To properly inspect your diamond to guarantee it packs all of your essentials and meets your expectations, it’s best to purchase your first diamond in person. Buying a diamond online may not provide you with the view necessary to make a final decision.
Also purchase your diamond from a credible source. High-end and well-known jewelry stores are likely to be your best fit, as many jewelers also offer guarantees, warranties, and protection. Diamonds are forever. Yours should be, too.

Count on Diamonds Above

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